Much udo about a suitable mirror!

D and I went out this morning to look for a mirror for the bathroom( he was not impressed by the mirror I had selected and intended to pick up this week-end). Our first stop was a fabulous gallery that Prue and I discovered during the week. It is only five minutes away and I have been passed it many times but it was not until the other day , that I actually ventured in to check it out. What a find! If I had the money, I could go mad there. So many beautiful and unusual items. I was in heaven but back to reality. We spoke to the owner and she said that they also framed mirrors so she showed us an extensive selection of frames.Visiting the gallery gave me plenty of inspiration in regard to frames because D is intent on having a frame( preferably chrome….yuk) to match the rest of the bathroom and did not like the bevelled edge mirror I had picked last week. I think the bathroom is beautiful but it needs texture, something organic, etc.

Well, I took D to the gallery this morning and he did see a couple of frames he liked but then began to argue with the owner about the coating on the frames. She said it was wooden, he said it was not but some acrylic material! Just another day out shopping as a couple…. embarrassing. lol. Finally the husband of the owner confirmed that there was a material baked onto the frame  but it was not what D had thought. I thanked the owner and her husband and shuffled D out as quickly as I could. On to destination 2… the place where I has seen the mirror I liked. I think D is coming around to it ( mainly due to price LOL) and I am certain it will enhance the rest of the bathroom. Besides, I just want a mirror. so I can see  what I am doing!

Later D went out to check out a few garage sales in the neighourhood and Prue opened a Flickr account for me in the hope that I will post some photos. I enjoy taking photos but I dislike having my photo taken. Prue’s love of self portraits does not come from me , that’s for sure. LOL I have started to post a few older photos and in time I will scan and post many more. The bathroom pics will be posted very soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “Much udo about a suitable mirror!

  1. Maureen,
    That is so funny: D arguing with the gallery owner. I know. I’d be mortified as well. Perhaps you’ll be able to treat yourself to something from the gallery when you get your new job . . .

    I know what you mean about taking pictures but hating to have your own taken. I am exactly the same way.

    So glad that the bathroom project is almost complete, as I know that you are too. Also glad that Prue’s surgery is coming up fast.

    Take care, and I hope that Prue can hang on just a bit longer.


  2. Hi Lita,
    I was mortified and so embarrassed that he was so rude.When I return to the gallery it will have to be incognito. LOL
    Photos make me look like a witch( they say the camera doesn’t lie LOL) but you shouldn’t worry about having your photo taken because you are a beautiful and photogenic woman.
    Prue is so looking forward to the surgery, we all are.

  3. Maureen,
    You absolutely do not look like a witch in any of your photos. Don’t be silly.

    At the same time, I don’t consider myself to be beautiful or photogenic, so who am I to say not to be silly.

    Let’s face it–neither of us like the lens pointed at us, for whatever reasons. Were we separated at birth?

    Big hugs,


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