Looking forward to some me time.

It is so quiet here this morning. Bliss! D returned to work today, after having two sick days.I hope he copes ok today at work because it is going to be hot again. Prue is still asleep and I am not going to wake her because she has been having so many sleepless nights lately due to her health so it’s just me, the cats and the background sounds of talk back radio LOL

I received a call from a friend last night, inviting me to lunch at a fabulous restaurant on the Bay which was lovely but really as fantastic as that would be,I feel I cannot be so indulgent about spending money like that. Maybe once I get the new job, I will feel less guilty about it but right now I am feeling as if I am always putting her off and making excuses not to go out with her (exhibitions, theatre, etc).She is single, working and owns her own home and her only responsibility is herself but I would like to catch up with her before the Christmas Holidays. I have quite a few people I want to catch up with because over recent months I have been pre-occupied with other things.  Being friends I know they understand and have had no expectations of me. The last 12 months have been a bit of a roller coaster and I do feel I am in need of some me time, to enjoy a few simple things like long walks and Pilates which Prue and I are going to do together, once she has recovered from her surgery.


One thought on “Looking forward to some me time.

  1. Maureen,
    If anyone is deserving of some me time, it’s you, my friend. I don’t know how you have survived this past year with your sense of humor in tact.

    I hope that you have a relaxing morning and enjoy the muted sounds of talk-back radio. Ha.


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