Embarking on a new journey.

We are all feeling much more relaxed now, knowing that Prue’s surgery went well and that she is back here with us. I have never felt the anxiety I experienced on Friday( the day of her surgery) before and the waiting was almost unbearable. Parents will know exactly what I mean.Although sore and uncomfortable, Prue is doing very well and looking forward to renewed vigour and good health.

With everything that has been going on over the past 12 months or so, I have been ignoring changes that have been going on within my body and it is only this week that I have realised (or acknowledged) that menopause has started. Menopause is something that is rarely discussed for whatever reasons. Perhaps is it because is signals the end of  fertility and a period of grieving  sets in? Many women will feel unattractive and dread the onset of menopause because it heralds a new stage in their lives, the unfamiliar , often accompanied by unpleasant and often acute physiological changes. Personally, I am pleased. Not because my body is no longer youthful and fertile but because I am commencing  a life changing period  undertaken by all women since time began. A rite of passage. Finally, my body has decided to conform and do something as it should! Many years ago, my gynecologist  told me  that I had begun menopause and prescribed hormone replacement therapy for a while, only to discover a few years later that my body reverted back to its normal cycle, so the medication was ceased.I have no idea( either did my DR what that was about but all the symptoms ceased and everything returned to normal). Recently, I have been attributing hot flushes to the weather, stress, overheating, etc. but I now realise that was not the case at all. Hot flushes are waking me at night , in fact they strike anytime, which is a strange thing for me as I am a naturally cold person. I am forever dressing in multiple layers, so if a flush happens I can  remove a layer of clothing as required. LOL

I have decided against hormone replacement therapy, increase my vitamin and mineral intake and investigate some natural therapies if the symptoms become a nuisance  but other than that I am celebrating this new phase 🙂


4 thoughts on “Embarking on a new journey.

  1. Oh, dear, I am THE expert on this time of life. You name the symptom and I have had it! A must site for natural helpers: http://www.johnleemd.com/.

    He died several years back but his partner, Virginia, I believe is her name, continues his work. “What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Menopause.” and pre-menopause and several others are some of the WONDERFUL and informative books he has written, and which I could not have done without. The progesterone cream (I prefer Sarati Int’l, LTD brand) was literally a life-saver for me. I only know one other woman – a few years older than I – who, just like me – though she has gone through menopause (official I believe is one-year without period) – STILL has symptoms. I am at least 3 years without periods and I still have hot flashes and night sweats from time to time – though there is no FLASH about it. All of which is not to complain – I started all the symptoms early – 46 (runs in the family)…but it was great to hear from Beth, the woman I mentioned above – who STILL, too, has symptoms, though we experience them less often and not NEARLY as many as we once had. I can say honestly that it was hard going for me for a while – for many of the reasons you mention, and then some (my father fell suddenly ill and died within 3 months and my mother, who has severe dementia – had-and still has-to be cared for, which fell to me) … but now – even with the on-going reminders – I am pleased and settled with IT… and, as you say, content with this rite of passage.

    I started a website about it years back and then stopped – again b/c of life’s circumstances and lack of time … maybe we can do a joint blog? The domain I had was “Menopause Means.”

    Best always to you, MaureenJ

  2. Hi Beeha.
    It is always such a joy when you comment. Thanks for the helpful information too. I think I am going to need it!!!. The joint blog sounds like a great idea 🙂
    Warm regards

  3. Maureen,
    One of the many things that I have learned in my on again/off again relationship with medications is that some of the side effects of some of my medications (none that I am currently on), mimic menopause in causing hot flashes and sweats.

    My own mother went through menopause quite early as she had to have a radical hystorectomy. She swore by HRT, but that is another generation. I don’t think that many women jump into HRT without careful considerations. Too many potential problems there.

    On another note, you always ignore your body, and you need to start paying better attention (like when you smacked your head). I’m saying this because I care, and I want to be able to talk to you for years to come.

    So glad that everything is going well with Prue.

    Big hugs,
    (good to see Bee’s comment)

  4. Hi Lita,
    Thanks as always for your insights and comments. The hot flushes and sweats take some getting used to because I am natural cool. Like your mother, my mother and grandmother went through menopause quite early and I cannot recall either of them experiencing many problems, so hopefully I will follow suit.
    I hope you are keeping well.
    Big hugs
    Maureen 🙂

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