We are an unusual family and that is the attraction. LOL

The year is starting to wind down and the family have started discussing Christmas. Who will be here this year?(that’s a question that no one really knows until the day). What will we eat? Then, there is the discussion about gifts. For me, Christmas is all about family, friends and welcoming new friends who would otherwise spend the Holidays alone. We gather to enjoy a happy day, share food and give thanks for everything we do have. It is not about gifts, not for me anyway but I do enjoy giving gifts to others.Quite frankly, I get embarrassed when I receive a gifts. When asked by D what I wanted this year, my answer was simple. I have it… the new bathroom and other than that all I can think of is to have a happy and peaceful day, surrounded by those  I love and care about!  No gifts???Yes, I am unusual , many would say downright crazy LOL

D on the other hand,adores gifts and the bigger the better. No clothes either, he says clothes don’t count as presents.Prue is always practical and although she has her wish list, she considers what she wants very carefully.We do not have the finances to indulge in massive gifts and we are certainly not going to go into debt over them!Too much emphasis is put on the material aspects of Christmas and it breaks my heart to see struggling parents spending up big on the plastic, only to be faced with enormous credit card statements , post-Christmas.

I look forward to a lunch that goes on until late in the evening, laughter, music ,banter and the silliness that seems to be part of what our family is all about.We are different and I think that’s why we always find we have  new additions to our table each year 🙂


4 thoughts on “We are an unusual family and that is the attraction. LOL

  1. Maureen,

    Meant to say in my other comment that I adore Annie Lennox and that song that you posted, so thanks for that.

    Christmas is too stressful for me to contemplate at the moment, but yes, you are unusual in not wanting any presents. Frankly, I would be happy with new underwear and a comfortable bra this holiday!

    Christmas is really for your children, or at least, that’s what I have always felt.


  2. You guys are unusual I guess but who isn’t really? That’s what’s great about you! 🙂 Sounds like a great time and what Christmas is all about. Some of my favourite Christmases were when I lived in Trinidad. It wasn’t about presents but about the food, family, friends and fun. I wish I could stop by your house this year but I’ll be back in the States. Will be great to see my little niece and nephew!

  3. Hi Lita,
    Yes, Christmas is for children but your wish for new underwear does sound good. If there is one thing that makes me feel spoiled and happy, it is nice undies!
    Maureen 🙂

  4. Hi Meghan,
    Awww, you are so sweet! You are going to have a wonderful time with your family back in the States. When you get back we will have an excuse to celebrate again!
    Take care
    Maureen 🙂

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