A night of thunderstorms.

Other that wooziness in the head from medication, I am feeling well today. There were thunderstorms over night and this morning and lay awake for hours, listening to the thunder and rain. Today it is very steamy, reminiscent of Cairns or the Pacific Islands and something I could adapt to quite easily!

Prue seems to be feeling better each day and has been taking walks and moderate exercise on an exercise bike to build her stamina, although she is still reluctant to eat any more than a light diet for fear of becoming nauseous but she is introducing new foods into her diet each day.I am so happy that she is making such a good recovery!

I have emails to write and bills to pay( 😦 ) so I best go and do it. 🙂

I am curently listening to Madeleine Peyroux. Enjoy!


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