Summertime Memories.

It was a quiet but good week-end. I had course related work to do and some reading in preparation for the assessment. As always, I start researching one thing and then get caught up reading the original article and many others. Hours can go by, effortlessly. My original plan for yesterday was to mow the lawns and trim the plants but the weather was inclement, so D gave the mower an overhaul, much to my delight. It is a brute to start! The forecast is for better conditions tomorrow, so I will tackle the mowing then.

Meanwhile, I still have reading to do and at some stage today, Prue wants me to accompany her to return a wireless keyboard and mouse she purchased on Saturday. She could not install it( highly irregular for Prue as she is a whizz at anything IT) and went on-line and found other users were having identical installation issues with the same Logitech products. She persevered with it for hours before finally throwing her hands up in defeat. There was nothing on the Logitech site to assist her, so she is going to return it to the store and seek assistance from the staff.

Hello and welcome to the new readers through FEEDS. Please leave a comment and introduce yourself.I look forward to hearing from you. !!!!

I having been playing the following Rodriguez album today because it always reminds me of summers living down at the Gippsland Lakes. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Summertime Memories.

  1. Maureen,
    Speaking of feeds, I finally took the time to install my feedburner box correctly on my blog. How does it work, exactly? Does it generate readers for your blog?

    Also, I signed up for linkedin but haven’t done anything with that either. I’m horrible about signing up for things and then not following through. Big surprise there!


  2. Hi Lita, Congratulations on installing the feedburner box. Yes, I think it generates new readers through feeds( if they click on and register). I looked you up on Linkedin and have sent you and invitation to join my network!
    Maureen πŸ™‚

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