Final Night and a New Opposition Leader.

Last night I attended the final lecture of the course I have been undertaking this year. It was a bitter-sweet experience, as these occasions always are for me. Joy at having successfully completed the course( and enjoyed every moment of it) and slight sadness that most of us will never see each other again. I am looking into establishing a peer supervision group, where individuals can come together to debrief and discuss particular issues they encounter in daily practice. Next week will all come together again to receive our credentials, so that will be discussed later  in the evening at an informal gathering. It is has been a challenging time but I look forward to undertaking further study in the New Year.

News has just filtered through that the Liberals have elected a new Party Leader- Tony Abbott. Hopefully , he can restore some unity in the Party and take on Kevin Rudd and his cohorts. This country needs a strong and ballsy alternative Party, willing and able to take on the Government!!!!!!!!!





2 thoughts on “Final Night and a New Opposition Leader.

  1. Maureen,
    What credentials will you be receiving? I think that your idea of forming a group is terrific as I am sure that others in your field could benefit from bouncing ideas off one another.

    Here’s hoping that your governmental change will be a move in the right directions.


  2. Hi Lita,
    Yes, I think professional support is vital and I hope we can get something up and running. I will be receiving a Dip. Health Counselling(Medical Register of Australia). Something that will be useful in the work I do and complement my other qualifications.
    I am hoping for better things from the new Opposition leader too. Government needs to be held accountable by a good Opposition.
    Take care and big hugs
    Maureen 🙂

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