The fish monger, aka Prue’s surgeon.

The last couple of days have been rather taxing with appointments and a few other things that have been going on here. Yesterday, Prue went for her post op. review and got a great report. She is healing well and everything is as it should be. Unfortunately, her surgeon(not the original guy who referred her for surgery) was less than forthcoming with any conversation and was severely lacking in social skills. For heaven’s sake, he didn’t shake hands with Prue when he met her( which by the way was the fist time she had laid eyes on him. She had no idea who had operated on her until she asked the nursing staff after the surgery) or make eye contact AT ALL! He took a quick look at her abdomen and then virtually dismissed her, telling her to direct any further queries to her GP.That was it and here is your bill, thank you very much. Although he may be competent at his job, he should brush up on his people skills( and get a new white coat because the one he wore yesterday made him look like a fish monger LOL).We are all just happy that Prue is regaining her health and the anti social surgeon did provide us with a few hearty laughs on the way home from the appointment!

Last night we had a visitor which was lovely and today we have had other visitors and Prue has a friend arriving shortly to stay for the week-end. The house is going to be buzzing. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “The fish monger, aka Prue’s surgeon.

  1. Maureen,
    Doctors, especially surgeons, can be such humongous assholes, but glad that Prue is healing well. I hope that overall she is feeling better.


  2. Hi Lita,
    So glad to see you are back on-line. I missed you , lots!
    Thank you for your comments about Prue. She is a new woman since the surgery.
    Maureen πŸ™‚

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