Time Wasters- Don’t Bother!

After yesterday’s disappointing news early in the day, things improved when a city head hunter called to make an appointment to see me on Friday. I had mixed reactions about it but as the position sounds interesting I am going to meet him. I have to admit, I am over the unprofessional work practices of some of the so-called professional recruitment firms. They seem to lack empathy and have scant regard for the anxiety they can cause potential candidates by requesting they attend an interview, when they already know that the candidate is (a) overqualified, (b) inexperienced or (c) the position will be filled internally and they are just going through the motions by conducting external interviews, etc. Then there is the matter of feedback and notification about the outcome of the interview…. it is non-existent. Individuals go to great lengths to ensure their CV is up to date and well presented, they research the potential employer,ensure their attire is immaculate and professional, then  there are the additional expenses involved in attending the interview, fares, petrol etc. Surely, it is only common courtesy that they inform all candidates of the outcome? Yes, times may be tough but that is no excuse for these head hunters to act in such an unprofessional and mean-spirited manner. That’s my rant for today. LOL

I have received many lovely emails over the past week .. thank you!


2 thoughts on “Time Wasters- Don’t Bother!

  1. Maureen,
    Job-hunting is so stressful, and head hunters do not make it any easier with their complacency and lack of manners. I hope that everything goes well for you. You are so talented and insightful that any organization would be lucky to have you.


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