From the crazy lady in the Bio Hazard suit!

We are expecting a hot day here in Melbourne. Already the mercury has reached 36 C and climbing and one cannot help but remember that fateful day last February, when so many perished or were injured in the Black Saturday bush-fires.I can only imagine how those in the ‘at risk’ areas are feeling today. Conditions are conducive for fire; dry and a strong northerly wind. I hope everyone out there is taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves, their families and their properties.

I was touched by post, written in my daughter Prue’s blog living back home. I am so glad she is back here and overjoyed that everything is going so well, especially between her and her father. She  also revealed what a germaphobe  her mama can be, which although embellished  is pretty well spot on!!!! Ti amo Prue 🙂

Just substitute Jackson for Addams LOL


5 thoughts on “From the crazy lady in the Bio Hazard suit!

  1. Maureen,
    Too funny about the bio suit and hand sanitizer. Of course, I have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse, in the van, by my bed . . . cannot have too much.

    I’m glad that Prue is enjoying her time at home and that she is getting along with D. I’m sure that’s much nicer for everyone.

    Take care. Hugs,

  2. The OCB meeting will now come to order!
    Hi My Name Is Richard and I Have this among my many fears.
    I can only perform one bodily function in a public restroom because if your careful you don’t have to touch anything.
    Have you ever spent thirty minutes in a public facility because every so called man that entered and left while you were there did not WASH and they only had air dry machines. I waited for someone else to come in so I could slip out the door!
    I carry an emergency pack with me now. I was a big hit at a recent fair where no wash facilities were available, only portable potties. All the women who worked the fair with me were overjoyed that I had come prepared.

  3. Richard,
    That is too funny. I hate door handles, and it makes no sense to me that doors to facilities don’t always pull open to enter and push out to exit. That should be a universal law.

  4. Hi Richard,
    Your comment made me laugh so hard. I am feeling much better about myself and my so called ‘germ obsession’ regarding public areas. Those hand sanisters are the best invention since … well the internet LOL
    Great hearing from you.
    Maureen 🙂

  5. Hi Lita,
    Richard is a very funny man and I love it that he has strange little quirks about all those bugs that lurk in public lavatories too!
    Maureen 🙂

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