A relaxing trip into town and a good interview.

I have just returned from the interview, which was conducted at an inner-city suburb. The interview went well and the recruiter is going to forward my details to the employer, which is good. Now I will have to wait until I hear more next week.It was an interesting interview and the young man I met with was both well-informed about counselling and very personable , which was a pleasant change. Many recruiters have no idea about the position advertised and only follow a strict set of criteria when interviewing candidates but this young chap had worked in a similar position as that advertised and was more interested in talking about philosophies and actual case experience than a specified list of questions.

I travelled in by train as it is both more relaxing and much more convenient than having to search for car parking.The train was packed full of people heading into city, probably on a mission to complete their Christmas shopping! The city is busy enough at any time but it is absolutely chaotic at this time of year and a good place to stay away from, unless it is essential.

Tonight, Prue’s American friend (and ex housemate) is calling around because tomorrow she flies out for NYC, to go home (Pennsylvania) and  spend time with her folks for Christmas. She is a lovely person and we are all looking forward to seeing her.

D finishes work today and will be on leave until February. I suggested to him that while he is on holidays we should make time to do a few things such as visit the aquarium, go for a picnic down the coast and a few other things we take for granted  that are really worth seeing in and around our own city. D is not into going anywhere much, so I may have a job convincing him LOL


2 thoughts on “A relaxing trip into town and a good interview.

  1. Maureen,
    I’m glad that the interview went well and that the person with whom you spoke was knowledgeable. I know that put your mind at ease. I will keep good thoughts for you.

    I wish that we could travel by train around here. In D.C., the Metro is so convenient. I don’t mind traveling by train at all.

    Good luck with convincing D . . . I hope that you get to do some interesting things.


  2. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for that. I am glad it went well too.
    Travelling by the metro is great, providing you can get a seat LOL
    I will work on D and if we do manage to get out of the house, I will post some photos.
    Take care
    Maureen 🙂

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