Last minute details and a secret mission.

The day here started off very relaxed, with Prue and I taking our breakfast out on the back patio, reading the paper and listening to music. It was beautiful outside and we lingered for quite a while before we got on with a few tasks around the house. Unfortunately, Prue’s sinuses have flared up and she is experiencing some severe headaches so she visited the local pharmacy and the pharmacist recommended an over the counter preparation which should help her.I think they made her drowsy because she is now sleeping.

D got up early too and after breakfast he altered the blind we bought for the bathroom and put it up.  He has done a sterling job and it looks good, now all we need is the mirror for the room to be complete. In the meantime we are using a mirror left over from the old bathroom( just sitting on the vanity) and it is not particularly attractive.

After lunch I was busy with housework, so D decided to mow the lawns. Yeah! Now I won’t have to do them. At this time of the year the grass grows several centimeters each day and to keep it under control, it must be mowed weekly. It will now look decent for Christmas.

I am still not certain of who will be here for Christmas but I am prepared for surprise guests and if previous years are anything to go by, there will be surprise guests! I want to go and buy a few stocking stuffers for Prue and D tomorrow  so I am going to be out and at the shopping centre as early as possible to avoid the crowds(and get a parking spot). D said he too, wants to be out of the house early tomorrow. Seems he is on some secret mission and refuses to elaborate where he is going. Hmm, I remember the last time he did this. I ended up with a model train set for Christmas! LOL


4 thoughts on “Last minute details and a secret mission.

  1. What luck a model train set! I get socks and underwear. I believe you get Christmas before we do, so I’ll take this time to wish You, D, Prue and the Cats a very merry day full of fun, food, festivities, fellowship, friends, family and surprise guest!

  2. Maureen,
    Hooray that D mowed the lawn, now you don’t have to. Let’s hope that you don’t get another train set.

    Hope that Prue feels better for Christmas.

  3. Hi Richard.
    Thank you for your Christmas wishes! I wish you and you family a very happy Christmas, filled with love and laughter. Pace yourself and have a fabulous day.
    Maureen 🙂

  4. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your support and well wishes for Prue. She is feeling much better today, thank you. NO train set this year. Yeahhhh.
    Maureen 🙂

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