Christmas Greetings!

The past few days have been quite busy as I finish last minute details for Christmas. The gifts are wrapped and waiting to be opened on Christmas Day and today I will go out and purchase the fresh vegetables and fruit.

Prue and I were out at one of the major shopping malls yesterday and it was very busy. We went out separate waysย  to make the trip as quick as possible and even then, we were much longer that we had originally hoped to be. As I have mentioned before, here we concentrate on the day and the meal and all the fun that goes with it, rather than who gets what etc. It will be a late lunch lasting several hours, accompanied by a play list of favourite tunes that everyone can singย  and dance along to(not Christmas music though). Then of course, will be D and Prue, lurking with cameras to capture everyone acting the goat and embarrass them!

I don’t know if I will post again before Christmas, so I want to thank everyone for your support this year and wish youย  and your families a very Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!



10 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings!

  1. “May happiness and peace be on Ya all!”

    We are off to Green Bay for family festivities and it is our most sincerest wishes that all of you are overwhelmed with the blessings and joy of Christmas and family.

  2. Christmas is the festival of happiness and celebration.Every buddy got the many gift’s of the Christmas but next day every buddy very exciting very much to open their gift’s.I hope u will get the lot gifte’s this Christmas.Marry Christmas.

  3. Maureen,
    Your plans sound wonderful. I hope that you have a lovely celebration, with lots of surprise visitors, a wonderful meal, and enjoyable togetherness.

    Big hugs and Merry Christmas to all of you!


  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – a year fill with love, happiness and an abundance of opportunities to do better.

    Stay healthy and Happy holidays. !!!

  5. Hi Lita and thank you,
    I hope you and the family have a wonderful day too. Keep warm, eat lots of good things and have fun!
    Big hugs
    Maureen ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Merry Christmas! Was great to see you all the other night! I’m having a good time in PA. Been busy visiting my niece & nephew who are so cute! Happy Boxing Day and I’ll see you in the new year ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and Christmas Grettings. I hope you too, have a fantastic day and celebrate the Season with abandon!
    Best wishes
    Maureen ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi Meghan,
    Awwwww it must be great seeing the children, They are so cute. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year with your family and enjoy the rest of your vacation. See you when you return. We are all looking forward to it!
    Maureen ๐Ÿ™‚

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