Dinner with friends.

The past few days have been lovely. Christmas Day went well, without any dramas and we have a house guest staying  which a great too. I always enjoy the days between Christmas and the New Year. They tend to be lazy and a lot of fun.

I am about to begin preparing for friends who will be here in a couple of hours and who will be staying for dinner. D is particularly looking forward to it as the husband is D’s best friend, now living in North Queensland, where he is building a new home. I use the term home very loosely….. it is more like an upmarket boutique hotel! It is going to be wonderful when it is completed and D is considering returning to QLD with his friend for a week or two before he is due to return to work. He wants to go up and give him a hand on site, which his friend would do for us if we were undertaking such a major project. They are a fabulous couple, lots of fun and always a joy to be with.

I have received so many cards and messages over the past week, Thank you to everyone 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dinner with friends.

  1. Maureen,
    Maybe D will love Queensland so much that he will want to move there . . .
    Glad that you are spending time relaxing. I’m trying to get my Christmas cards done today. Ha.

  2. Hi Lita,
    Why do you think I am encouraging him to go? Good luck with your cards. I sent fewer this year than I have in previous years because over the past few years the cards I have received have dwindled considerably. I have always looked forward to sending and receiving Christmas cards but it seems to be a dying tradition 😦

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