Embarrassing Prue at the Supermarket

I have not long ago returned from grocery shopping. It is the first shop I have done since before Christmas and I had run out of some of the essentials, such as toilet tissue etc, so there was not postponing it! Our house must be keeping the paper pulp manufacturers in business due to the amount of toilet tissue we get through weekly! I am glad we don’t use one of the multi layered, satin soft, cutesy packaged brands as it would cost a small fortune and I certainly won’t buy anything that is scented. Do people really buy that scented paper? The smell of it reminds me of public lavatories! Enough of my shopping habits.

What I did do today though, was approach a young man( late 20’s) employed at the supermarket and asked him what the dreadful odour is in two particular aisles. The smell has been there for months and it is not unlike  a dead rat. Prue was mortified that I asked but we are not alone is finding it offensive because on previous shopping trips I have heard others complaining about it. The young fellow said he too, found it very unpleasant but had no idea what it could be. I suggested that maybe someone should get under some of the shelving and take a good look at what lurks beneath. By this stage Prue was making a hasty retreat in the opposite direction. LOL

It’s almost dinner time here so I best go and prepare some food to go on the BBQ. Chicken for D and Prue and a homemade lentil burger for me 🙂


3 thoughts on “Embarrassing Prue at the Supermarket

  1. Maureen,
    Hilarious. I don’t know why Prue would have been mortified. It was a perfectly reasonable questions to ask. I mean, after all, the smell has been there a while, so it wasn’t just some unwashed person creating the stench. Luckily, you were able to find someone to listen to you. In the massive stores here such as Wal Mart, you would be hard-pressed to find someone to take you seriously.

    Scented TP? Absolutely no. Yuck.


  2. That was funny, maybe Prue was embarrassed because the young man was handsome? Well, I can appreciate your comments on the paper problem. My Dad has an absolute paper fetish, all he cares about is having enough paper towels, toilet paper and Mom wants napkins so he will go out and buy the biggest packages he can and claims to save money, but the problem is we can’t store it all. I would like to buy recycled products but they cost almost double what the regular brands do and I think it’s a scam to make people care about the planet so much that they can profit from it. But now about that lentil burger, any Indian spices used on that?

  3. Hi Glen,
    Thanks for your humorous comments! D is much like your father but his fetish is for bulk supplies of toilet paper only. He can’t store enough of it. The recycled product is cheap and readily available here and like you, that is my preference. It did take a lot of convincing D though that it was not going to feel like sandpaper on his delicate behind LOL
    Maureen 🙂

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