Our Visit to Tiffany & Co. & Google Searches.

Looking up the referral links and finding out how readers arrive at this site is always a source of amusement for me. Yes,there are regular readers who have bookmarked the site, those who receive daily feeds, email subscribers and others who just manage to stumble across it but there are also readers who come via search engines after they have typed in the weirdest searches! How they are directed here is beyond me but they do. One search that always seems to bring readers here is “donkeys”. As far as I know , I have never mentioned a donkey in any of my posts but readers are still directed to this site. Hmm, is there some message there? Me, donkeys???? LOL. There are several other humourous referrals too, which I definitely cannot print here but I think you get the jist of what I mean!

Yesterday, we made yet another trip to Chadstone re: the ring I received for Christmas.It was a rose gold ring and although absolutely beautiful, clashed with my other yellow gold jewelery, so I returned it to Tiffany & Co. to get a yellow gold one. Unfortunately, they did not have a ring in my size and advised us that a ring would have to be sent from New York and may take several months to arrive. Disappointed I returned home but later that evening , a Tiffany employee called to tell me that they had located  a ring for me  and had put is aside for me to be collected.

Once again, we trundled over to Chadstone Shopping Centre (the largest in Australia) yesterday. I was full of anticipation about finally being able to wear my Christmas gift but that was short-lived. The woman who advised me to come and collect it was not working yesterday and none of the staff could locate it in any of their holds.I was slightly annoyed  but more disappointed that I would not be bringing it home. It was not the fault of the other employees that it could not be located. It was unfortunate  and I reconciled myself to the fact that it would mean  return trip, when the person who called me was back at work. Ahh but not D!!!!!!!!!!!! He was irate. The poor young chap who attended to us was actually shaking! D is physically daunting. Large, bald head, long beard  and threatening -looking (he is a pussy cat beneath and would run a mile if challenged). When D is annoyed he sounds agressive and he really shook up the male attendant. The young guy went out the back to search for the ring( and probably have an asprin and a short lie down!) but returned empty handed. In the young chap’s absence, I admonished D for his rude behaviour and asked him to keep quiet and let me handle the situation , which he did. I had visions of the large security man stationed at the entrance to the store, escorting us from the building!

My approach was much gentler, which the young employee seemed to appreciate and he has arranged for the original female employee to call me when she returns to work. This is so typical of our family though. If anything can go wrong it does.D was still ranting all the way home and promising to write to Tiffany about their lack of service etc. Whatever. He should just let it go and sweat the big issues LOL


2 thoughts on “Our Visit to Tiffany & Co. & Google Searches.

  1. Maureen,
    Too funny. Poor D, plans the perfect gift and then bam, life interferes again.

    I’m sure that once your ring is located that it will be beautiful. Cannot wait to see a picture of it.


  2. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your comments. Last night I received a call from the original saleswoman from Tiffany, saying that the ring was there and the manager had been informed of their lack of service, in not locating it when we went to the shop. She assured me that if we come in to collect it , she will personally look after us. I just want to wear it! I will post a photo when I have collected it.

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