Getting Fit.

Since Prue’s surgery, she and I have begun a fitness campaign and it is great. I have always been into physical exercise and for many years have walked at least 8-10 kms per day but over the past year I seemed to loose interest and I know this was affecting me physically. Now, in an effort to minimise the side effects of menopause and for Prue, to regain her stamina and strength, we have been going out for long power walks late in the evening and working out on the home gym. I must say that working out with company is good. Prue says she is also feeling the benefits of the exercise regimen, which is good. Now if we could only get D to join in!

I am adding this YouTube clip just for the fun of it. It always makes me laugh and is great exercise music!


2 thoughts on “Getting Fit.

  1. Maureen,
    Well at least one of us has begun our walking campaigns. I fear that mine has been postponed yet again because of being sick. Did I mention that I’m sick? I’m certain that I haven’t breathed a word about it . . .

    Good for you and Prue. If someone here would do the yoga workouts on cable with me, I would probably be more dedicated. As it is, just have to wait until I can get back to the gym for that.

    Big hugs,

  2. Hi Lita,
    Oh, I am so sad to hear you have been unwell. You must be fed up.*hugs*.
    The get fit campaign is good and having someone else to do it with is a great motivator too.
    Big hugs and get well soon.

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