A Hot Saturday Afternoon with INXS

It is difficult to believe that it is one week since New Year’s Day. Already, the year seems to be flying and can you get your head around this… Hot Cross buns are already on the supermarket shelves! It is ridiculous and another example of how the supermarkets and marketing strategists are trying to  manipulate the consumer.I guarantee that if it were not so hot, there would also be shelves of Easter eggs too!

After a hot night  last night, it is going to be hot again today. As I am writing the outside temperature has reached 38C and rising. We shut down the house early and turned the a/c on low to keep it cool and have the ceiling fans on in each room to circulate the cool air. The temperature is always an issue here because D and Prue really feel the heat and are never happier than when the a/c is going but I don’t mind it at all and after a few hours of the a/c I am looking for a jumper and a warm blanket LOL.

Next Wednesday it is Prue’s birthday and she has decided she wants to go down the coast fishing for the day. She originally wanted to go to the zoo, to take photos  but she has changed her mind and asked her father to take her fishing. She has always enjoyed fishing and she and her girlfriends would often go down the the beach near where they lived and fish from the jetty. They never caught much but that’s not the point, they just loved the serenity of sitting on the pier, making small talk with other anglers and whiling away the evenings. We are going to make a day of it and hopefully I will post some photos of her and her catch for the day!

I have bills to pay and a few emails to write so that is going to keep me busy for a while this afternoon. Meanwhile, I am listening to some INXS.

Have a good week-end 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Hot Saturday Afternoon with INXS

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  2. Maureen,
    Hot cross buns in January? Unbelievable.
    I still search for hot cross buns every Easter, a throwback to my time in England.

    My dad loved to fish, it was his favorite hobby. I hope that Prue has a lovely birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday Prue! Mine is Tuesday. were just a couple of Capricorn Cusps!
    I once threw caution to the wind and actually baited the hook once. Of course I’m more of an angler. It’s a fly fisherman’s life for me.

  4. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your birthday wishes for Prue. She appreciates your kind thoughts.
    D also loves to fish and Prue was introduced to fishing at an early age. Because of the incredible heat here right now, she is hoping we can goriver fishing as it is not as hot as fishing at the beach. Now all she has to do is come to an agreement with D about the location.
    If customs would allow it , I would send you some hot cross buns!

  5. Hi Richard,
    Happy Birthday to you foe Tuesday! Thanks for sending birthday wishes to Prue. She loves receiving them.
    Prue wants to go river fishing, due to the heat here right now. I will let you know if she catches anything.
    Maureen 🙂

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