A Sleepless Night.

I am feeling tired and worn out this morning after a sleepless night. Fortunately, we have air conditioning to cope with the heat but the noise of the air conditioning is agitating! Outside temperatures did not drop below 33C overnight, after a hot day yesterday(43C). Similar conditions are predicted for today. Talk about extremes. Here we are in the midst of a heat wave and the northern hemisphere are experiencing record cold temperatures! The entire State is on bushfire alert  and holiday makers have been urged to leave camping sites, particularly from remote areas and national parks. After the shocking tragedy of the Black Saturday fires last year, everyone is on tenterhooks.

Just a brief note to welcome new readers who are receiving feeds.I look forward to receiving your feedback,comments and messages.  Don’t be strangers!


4 thoughts on “A Sleepless Night.

  1. Welcome Bill and thanks for visiting.
    Sorry to hear that you are also not sleeping. I agree with you about preferring the hot weather. If the temperature goes below 25C I am cold. I think I would perish in the cold conditions you are experiencing there.
    BTW, I enjoy your site, very much.
    Best wishes

  2. Maureen,
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you don’t get any big bush fires like last year’s. It’s so cold here that my nose is cold, and I just hate that!

    Maybe taking a peek at my pictures of ice and snow will help you to think cool . . .

  3. Hi Lita,
    Thanks fot your comments. Today is much cooler than it has been over the past week. Your photos have been beautiful.
    Keep warm.
    Lots of hugs

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