Friends,You know who you are-Thank You!

Without doubt, the best thing about me writing this blog has been the friends I have made. So many wonderful individuals, talented, wise, interesting, warm, caring and humorous, each like an onion, with multiple layers. Over time, layers have been peeled back, revealing yet another fabulous discovery about each person. I am blessed to call them my friends.


6 thoughts on “Friends,You know who you are-Thank You!

  1. Maureen,
    You are so very welcome (am I being presumptuous?) I am very thankful that you came into my life and fill it with humor, wisdom and support, so thank you, too.

    Love the video.

    Big hugs,

  2. I have reached a point where my family (primarily Grandkids) are so important that I spend practically my entire open time, facilitating and enjoying them.
    This has been at the expense of my friends, old and new. I miss those days socializing with these gems of humanity.
    I have been fortunate to have experienced deep, warm and trusting relationships that seem to scream for a better term than friend(this term having been used to often to encompass too many acquaintanceships whether deep or trivial).
    The internet has allowed me an opportunity to start new friendships, which are becoming priceless but I really miss the look in ones eye or the touch of reassuring hands that add personal depth to these moments when we friends are together.
    Maybe it is time for me to get out for awhile and visit those comrades, for the sands of time are rushing through the glass far to swiftly. It’s time to tip a glass, to the time we have remaining and to the time we have spent together.

  3. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for your terrific comments. I agree. Life is short and we all need to re-connect with those with whom we have lost touch.
    Take care

  4. We are blessed to have you too! I always enjoy your input and stories, and your music taste is impecable. I remember seeing this video years ago on The Midnight Special or Don Kirchners Rock Concert (I can’t remember which) long before MTV existed and buggered up the music video biz-ness with a lot of nonsense. Thanks for posting it.

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