Summer in the City.

I have just returned from doing the weekly shopping. Everything is packed away and I am enjoying a quiet sit down.

This morning , I was up and away early to attend the appointment in the city. Unfortunately, Prue was feeling unwell, so I went alone and caught the train back home immediately I finished my business in town.We will attend the Da Vinci exhibition another day. The train both ways, was packed with people going in to the tennis and children, who are still on school holidays.Federation Square( right in the heart of the city) was crowded with people walking shoulder to shoulder, visiting various exhibitions and displays that were on show, queuing up for tennis tickets and souvenirs or just taking a break from work out in the brilliant sunshine.There were buskers and other performers everywhere, keeping the crowds  entertained, so I took a few minutes to enjoy the atmosphere, before I caught my return train.


5 thoughts on “Summer in the City.

  1. Buskers? Now that’s a term that I do not know. Sounds interesting, especially if you stopped to enjoy.

    Sorry about the da Vinci exhibition.

  2. Nice post-you can’t beat a good busker. There are some excellent street musicians over here in London that brighten a winter’s day.

    I also enjoyed the Joe Cocker track. Great choice!

    Best wishes


  3. Hi Lita,
    It was disappointing but we can visit another day.
    Buskers are street performers who receive payment (usually coins) from passers-by who appreciate their talent. We have them all over the city and they can also be found at suburban shopping centres too. In recent years though, local councils have required buskers to obtain a permit to perform. More bureaucracy!!!!!!!!!!
    Big Hugs

  4. Hi Christain,
    Lovely to hear from you again!
    Yes, buskers certainly liven up the streets and quite often one can discover someone who is extremely talented too.
    Glad you enjoyed the Joe Cocker track too.
    Take care and keep writing those wonderful entries in your blog

  5. Maureen
    Sounds like a day not unlike my stories, I wish Prue had been feeling better. We have the subway buskers too, I don’t know if they need permits or not, probably I would guess. Hope you and Prue make that exhibit soon.

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