Time and circumstance have made blogging a rare occurrence in recent years. I tend to go through phases of desperately wanting to put pen to paper and retreating,hiding away and concentrating on making an income to support my family. It’s weird I know but anyone who knows me also knows I am a complete contradiction in most things .One thing is for sure- I cannot be branded!!!!

I adore people, the human unit but I do not seek friends. I trust my family and a small handful of individuals whom I call friends. I strive for excellence but I do not seek recognition. I will bend over backwards to help anyone who asks for it but I never seek assistance.Material things mean nothing to me- I work to provide shelter, food, medicine and healthcare for my family. Vacation- “please explain” ???? (Those readers from Australia will get a chuckle here). The list goes on – Politically, Sexually, Spiritually and Socially. I love life but I welcome death. I am, as I have been described on many occasions, an enigma. I can live with that.

Most of my life has been spent beating myself up over one thing or another.Am I a shitty wife and mother, disappointing daughter,bad sister, adequate employee? It is all just too exhausting  to think about now.I give 100% in everything I do and if that is not enough that is just too bad.

I now write sporadically on my other Website, which you can visit here:






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