1. Name: Maureen
  2. Birthday: July 31
  3. Home:Melbourne, Australia

Employment Consultant,Private Counsellor,Mental Health Advocate,Disability & Community Welfare Professional,Financial Facilitator.

Feb. 2, 2010


Post sky dive
Link to sky diving video

Back on Terra Firma

Back on Terra Firma


34 thoughts on “About

  1. WOO HOOOO!!!!!
    Woooooow, you have more guts than I ever will in my entire lifetime. What a video!
    The most I’ve ever done (or ever will) was to parasail a few feet in the air on a beach, but even then I was scared out of my wits.
    Looks like you had an awesome birthday.
    PS, love your haircut, too.

  2. Hi Maureen,

    I just bumped you out of Alpha Invention’s Reading Room and came to take a look at your site and got a lovely surprise..you are an aussie..me too!!

    Originally Im from Alice Springs, though havent lived there many years. I have been meandering about the globe for a decade and nowdays am living in tel aviv and loving it..

    If you are interested in seeing what living in Tel Aviv is like feel really welcome to visit http://www.lovingtelaviv.wordpress.com its a blog I started to share ‘whats On In Tel Aviv’ in English.

    Anyway, Ill pop back and have a read from time to time.

    have a great xmas and new year.

  3. HI Mysticmiss,
    So glad you commented . It is great to hear from another Aussie, especially one living in Israel, the country I adore and will visit one day. Your site looks fantastic and I will get back to it later tonight to have a good look around.
    You have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year too πŸ™‚

  4. Hi George,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment. Sky diving is incredible, if you ever get the opportunity to do it-go for it πŸ™‚
    Best wishes

  5. Hi Maureen, I just bumped you out of Alpha Invention’s reading cycle again. I really took in every word of your Clean Out post because it’s what I’m just nearly to do myself. I want to feel free from the heaviness of “having to do something” always in the back of my mind. The books, papers, documents, articles, stuff I’ve saved from my now 33 year old son’s youth, my own crap my Mom just handed over to me, etc. etc. I know you know exactly what I’m talking about. Wish me good luck, Lady Guts! Done any sky diving lately..? ;> Best wishes..

  6. Hi Commontater,
    Lovely to hear from you!
    Good luck with the tidy up πŸ™‚
    No sky diving lately, but I hope by summer’s end to have an A grade solo license.
    Have a good week end.

  7. I just stopped by from AlphaInventions. I saw that it is tomorrow on your blog. Still 12/10 in North Carolina! Another reminder of the shape of our Earth.

    Lovely blog. I like the design, and I’m enjoying your writing style. Best to you in the New Year!

  8. Hi (I am sorry I could not find your name on your site),
    Thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind comment on my blog.
    I read your bio and I have to say, you have my admiration! It was very courageous of you to undertake such a radical career change but it is obvious that you have the talent and passion to make a success of that change. Congratulations.
    Yes, we are almost one full day ahead here! Happy New Year to you πŸ™‚
    Best wishes

  9. OMG… No way JosΓ©… I just could not do that… and on your birthday!!! What next? croc wrestling???

  10. Hi Bruce,
    Maybe you should try it . You would never regret it. Croc. wrestling really doesn’t do it for me. I much prefer riding kangaroos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maureen πŸ™‚

  11. hey…visited your blog when I bumped you off Alphainventions.

    Nice blog…and if you believe in co-incidences here goes :

    * We share the same birthday (31 July)
    * We have the same WordPress theme
    * I used to have some art on my header, but removed it recently as I am looking for another image to use !
    * We have the same style of url (first name + initial of the second name)


  12. Hi Nish and welcome.
    Thanks for your kind comment and also for pointing out those co incidences. I enjoyed visiting your site πŸ™‚
    Best wishes

  13. Hi Maureen,
    This looks like some fun ! well done on accomplishing it. Your blog has some interesting reading. Thanks for stopping by my own (I replied). Where abouts in gippy do you herald from ?

    t πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for visiting and your generous comments. I was born and raised in Morwell, attended college in Traralgon, then later moved down to Paynesville. I know the area around the Strezleckis very well so your photos brought back some pleasant memories.
    Best wishes
    Maureen πŸ™‚

  15. Congrats on your dive! From what I have seen it went well for you and from other post you may want more. I had twenty nine plane flights before I knew that they could land those contraptions. My last entry into my jump log was 642(so much for keeping your feet on the ground). May yours be filled with more or at least be fulfilled from the experiences. I assume the well wishers were family and friends? Can you post an introductory photo? Enjoy reading you blog.

  16. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for your kind comments.I think you are referring to the well wishes at the airfield? Some were family and friends( another large group of friends, who were also there were not permitted into that area and had to wait close to the landing area) but there is one chap in the clip with his child and I have no idea who he is! Haha. Obtaining my A license is top of the list of my things to do. I am hooked.
    Thanks for the Joe Cocker link too. That was thoughtful of you.
    Maureen πŸ™‚

  17. Hi and welcome Shubhamoy,
    Thank you for your kind comments. I do hope you visit again.
    Best wishes
    Maureen πŸ™‚

  18. just a quick comment to say that this is worth the time you have to spend doing this. writing is time consuming but it’s not going to waste. it’s inspiring &right now i need that inspiration.

  19. Hi Ginyar,
    It was unbelievable. Words cannot fully describe the feeling that sky diving gives you. You really will have to do it for yourself one day. Believe me, you will not regret it.
    Best wishes

  20. Hi Maureen
    I hope you are well, I see the flooding in Australia and wondered if it affected your family? I didn’t read the article yet online I was more worried to get a message to you. We are having another snow storm tonight and I might be home again tomorrow. Hope all is well!
    Peace & Hugs

  21. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Many thanks

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