It has been so long since I posted here, I don’t know where to start.Firstly though, I was overwhelmed with happiness during the week when I opened my email to find a LinkedIn message from a very dear friend Lita (whom many who are followers here will know).It was the highlight of my week!

It was a hectic week, with the end of month madness at work,my birthday and a few other pressing matters, so it is good  to have a day off today to relax.

I will try and make time to post regularly. My best wishes go out to all who drop by here and I would love to hear from you. MJ


Australia Day

It’s Australia Day and rather than write all the usual platitudes that seems to be customary, I am listing some  my favourite Australian artists/groups.

Summer in the City.

I have just returned from doing the weekly shopping. Everything is packed away and I am enjoying a quiet sit down.

This morning , I was up and away early to attend the appointment in the city. Unfortunately, Prue was feeling unwell, so I went alone and caught the train back home immediately I finished my business in town.We will attend the Da Vinci exhibition another day. The train both ways, was packed with people going in to the tennis and children, who are still on school holidays.Federation Square( right in the heart of the city) was crowded with people walking shoulder to shoulder, visiting various exhibitions and displays that were on show, queuing up for tennis tickets and souvenirs or just taking a break from work out in the brilliant sunshine.There were buskers and other performers everywhere, keeping the crowds  entertained, so I took a few minutes to enjoy the atmosphere, before I caught my return train.

Melbourne’s Favourite Pastime.

There are a few things that residents of Victoria and in particular Melbourne are passionate about. They include, in no specific order, coffee, food,fashion, art, football and of course real estate( in all its forms).

We scan the daily papers and real estate sites, checking the latest sales results and listings and Melbournians  attend week end auctions  in the same way as others attend sporting events. We can’t get enough of it We compare how our individual properties have risen in value, discuss potential boom areas and delight in studying the photos in real estate agents’ windows.

If it is not sales we are discussing, it is renovations. One only has to visit the local hardware barn- Bunnings for confirmation that we are all trying to add value to our properties or visit one of the many Home Centres that have sprung up like mushrooms throughout the metropolitan area

Radio and TV chat shows always feature a so called expert,proffering advice to the  the listener/viewer about property hot spots, or renovation advice, on a daily basis and the week end papers have real estate sections that are so large they have the potential to cause a hernia when lifted!

The way property prices have risen , I  have  to wonder if the younger generations will ever be able to afford their own property and in the future, we will become a city(and country) of renters?

Frustration as the cable connection goes down & The Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition

This morning, the cable internet connection went down, so it was not a good start to the day. I called the service provider and you guessed it, I was connected to an off shore call centre. Outsourcing is bad enough but it is not fair on the operator on the other end of the line, or the customer, when neither can understand the other!After several futile minutes, where I tried in vain to ascertain whether the network was down, I called Prue to speak to operator because I could feel my frustration level rising. Prue had the same reaction, so she terminated the call and finally, the cable was up and running again.

How dependent we have become on the internet connection. I do all my banking, bill paying, 99% 0f my communication  and numerous other tasks electronically. It goes down and panic sets in!

Next Monday, I have an appointment to attend in the city, so Prue is going to accompany me in to town, then after the appointment we are going to go to the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition ” Anatomy to Robots” http://www.davincimelbourne.com.au/ which is on at Southbank, on the bank of the Yarra River in the heart of the city. It should be interesting and we will take photos if that is permitted and I will post them here.  🙂

Cracking down on trouble makers!

As those of you who are tennis fans will know, the Australian Open began this week. Once again, the event is being disrupted by particular ethnic groups, hell -bent on making the event a political demonstration. I am so over these groups, made up predominately of 2nd and 3rd generation Australians who, each year, continue to make trouble and raise merry hell about the political situations in the home countries of their parents. Long held fueds, that have nothing to do with Australia or for that matter ANY of the participants in the tennis tournament. Tennis is an individual sport( these payers are not representing their countries in Davis Cup) and players play for themselves, the trophy and any prize money, not as representatives of their country.

I am speaking out because right now, everyone is afraid to say anything for fear of being accused of racism. Well, I for one am not scared. I am disgusted that these minorities can get away with embarrassing Australia on the world stage . The moment the media report on any of these aggressive and threatening demonstrations , the entire country is labelled as racist! WE ARE NOT A RACIST COUNTRY. We all come from somewhere else  and we welcome anyone in to this country but we expect that old fights are left behind and new comers embrace the new life here, free from all the political tensions they left behind.Cultures and traditions should not be lost but at the same time, new Australians need to embrace life here, including our cultures and traditions too. We do not go to sporting events, armed with flares and placards, trying to incite violence and intimidate  people, nor do we victimize individuals just because they happen to be from another country!

Where we live here in the south/eastern suburbs of Melbourne, it is a virtual melting pot of nations and it is a great place to live. Yes, certain groups of youths from neighbouring suburbs have clashed over cultural issues  but even those incidents have decreased in recent times and communities are living harmoniously.Any form of ethnic tension should not be tolerated  and I am pleased to say that the authorities have come down hard on those making trouble at the tennis this week.

Trouble flares: Croatian fans throw flares on their way into the Australian Open tennis. Picture: Craig Borrow Source: HWT Image Library

Friends,You know who you are-Thank You!

Without doubt, the best thing about me writing this blog has been the friends I have made. So many wonderful individuals, talented, wise, interesting, warm, caring and humorous, each like an onion, with multiple layers. Over time, layers have been peeled back, revealing yet another fabulous discovery about each person. I am blessed to call them my friends.